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My name is Kayla Kinsey and I am a freelance illustrator based out of Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. I spend most of my time on anything creative but enjoy sailing, D&D, exploring new art mediums, camping, and trying not to collect too many plants (and failing). 

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My Story

Art has always been a part of me even though I tried to avoid it most of my life. As a child, I was always drawing and finding new ways to create; but as I grew up, I lost that creative side and wrote it off entirely. When I entered high school, my parents urged me to join my school's art class and for four years I learned under Gabriel Lovejoy (Insta: @lovejoygabriel). Thanks to his ability to foster a love of art in me and urging me to continue my studies at Savannah College of Art and Design, I had a new respect and drive for the world of art.

I began my studies at SCAD Fall of 2013 where I majored in Painting while taking foundation courses such as Life Drawing, Art History, 3D Design, Graphic Design, and others. But my resistance followed me and discontinued my studies two years later. During the following year, I dabbled in obtaining my Private Pilots License and working in Savannah, GA. It was towards the end of 2016 when I discovered sequential/comic work and instantly fell in love. I started drawing like crazy to try to learn this new style and found myself returning to SCAD majoring in Sequential Art for one more year. That was enough to convince me that I wanted to create like this for the rest of my career.

From 2017-2020 I worked in Savannah, GA, and Wilmington, NC while I kept practicing art and creative mediums. Then, at the beginning of 2020, I made the first leap to work on commissions (mainly D&D characters/parties) full time, and have been doing them ever since! Currently, my work consists of Graphic Novels (Ascend Online) and fantasy illustrations and character designs. I am beyond fortunate for all of the love and support I have received during my journey here, and I hope I can continue creating for all of you!

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